Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Peter Chapman

Sadly Peter Chapman was found dead on Thursday 15th December 2011. A Great shock to all his many friends. Peter was his usual self at The Pulp Book Fair in November and had just returned from Gary Lovis's New York Show so there was no indication of any problem.

Peter for over 20 years co-organised with me the London Pulp Bookfair, and it was his charm that made the central London venu
es affordable. Peter was a well known and colourful character and the world of collecting will be much lessened by his absence.

Peter was a great friend, he was always cheerful and his contribution to the hobby cannot be overestimated.
When we meet in around 1990 he was about to embark on a trip to the New York Show. His enthusiasm for the show led to us organising The London Show now in its 21st or 22nd year - sorry lost count. His report of the show led to me publishing Paperbacks, Pulps and Comics magazine. He introduced me to Tom Lesser book collector about the same time.

Without his initial enthusiasm I would never have tried to emulate his globe trotting and made it to The LA Show and met so many great collector and dealer frends

Life would have been much different!

Peter's generous stories were endearing and he was invariably cheerful without any edge at all. His Gold Medal collection was legendary! and he travelled the world meeting collectors.
So it will be difficult to imagine the paperback collecting world without Peter, a close friend and collaborator. 

RIP Peter Chapman Gold Medal Collector and friend Maurice Flanagan

An article about collecting appeared in Guardian at link

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